The Solar System

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source site The solar system is a system of 8 planets, asteroids and numerous satellites that revolve around the Sun. All of them are bound by gravitational force relative to the planets and eventually the Sun. The Solar System was a fallout of the Big Bang and it was formed more than 4.5 billion years ago.

see url The planets in sequence and their distance from the Sun are explained below.

Size of planets are indicative and not to scale.

el mejor sitio de citas gratis Of the 8 planets, the first 4 four are formed of metal, sand and rocks. These are namely Mercury (1), Venus (2), Earth (3) and Mars (4). All the reamaining planets are gaseous giants with Jupiter (5) being the largest followed by Saturn (6) and its rings, Uranus (7) and Neptune (8). Pluto was earlier considered as a planet has now been reduced to a “dwarf planet” status in an historic verdict in 2016.

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rencontre femme serieuse haute garonne The orbital space between Mars and Jupiter consists of a belt of asteroids that also revolce around the Sun in conjunction with the planets.

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